//Ad libs: Local by the bay

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Local by the bay

If an actor's progress can be measured by the number of seats in the theater, Palo Alto native Carrie Madsen is doing pretty darn well.

As a youngster she took the stage at the Palo Alto Children's Theatre, which seats just under 200. After college she came back to Palo Alto, where she choreographs at the children's theater and performs up and down the Peninsula. Now she's got the lead in "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" at Broadway By the Bay, which uses the 1,600-seat San Mateo Center for the Performing Arts.

Carrie plays Millie, an Oregon Territory gal who gets hitched only to discover that her fella's brothers are part of the package. Have fun keeping that bathroom shiny, toots.

"Seven Brides" is not my favorite show (it's not exactly at the forefront of the women's movement), but the dancing can be fabulous. And these performers will certainly have the room to leap.

Pictured: Carrie Madsen as Millie with a plethora of brothers. Photo by David Allen.