//Ad libs: What more do you need?

Thursday, May 11, 2006

What more do you need?

I’m swinging my feet contentedly under my desk while reading a recent Kepler's best-seller list. There’s just something so refreshingly simple about the titles.

As of May 7, “Blue Shoes and Happiness” by
Alexander McCall Smith topped the hardcover fiction category. The book is really about sleuths in Botswana, but to me the title conjures up a pleasure so basic you’re embarrassed to talk about it. Like new Keds, or the perfect Skippy-on-whole-wheat sandwich.

You know, I actually refuse to be embarrassed about the joy of peanut butter. I am proud.

Then there’s the super seller in hardcover nonfiction, presenting such pure, perfect logic in its title. “Eat, Drink, & Weigh Less” by
Mollie Katzen. Well, duh.

(Except for
peanut butter. Eat as much as you want.)

Hey, throw some other favorite book titles my way, dear reader. You can post
a comment below.