//Ad libs: But I thought it was a Fry's ad

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

But I thought it was a Fry's ad

I know one little Tiffany's necklace who's feeling mighty lonely.

See, the folks at TheatreWorks decided to try a glittery promotion. A few weeks ago they mailed out 20,000 season brochures -- one had a gold sticker on it. If you get that brochure, you win a necklace designed by Paloma Picasso, with 12 strands of pearls and sterling silver clasps. The bauble is scheduled to be presented on stage June 24 during a production of "Vanities."

But, um, no one has claimed the prize. And the special brochure was randomly placed in a pile of mailers before the address labels got popped on, so there aren't any clues about who the winner is.

I throw out piles of junk mail every week. Doesn't everyone? Do you now kinda wish you hadn't?

Unfortunately, with the amount of dreck clogging our mailboxes, I would be very surprised if the golden ticket ever saw the light of day. (In case I'm wrong, I'll be out back shuffling through the recycle bin.)

Photo by Clara Natoli