//Ad libs: The quilt is mightier than the sword

Saturday, June 24, 2006

The quilt is mightier than the sword

Can you catch more flies with quilting than shouting? OK, so I mixed my metaphors just a tad, but my question is apt when looking at the work of Los Altos artist Linda Gass. She's an avid outdoorswoman who makes beautiful, lush statements about the environment through her art quilts and other works.

I'm especially taken with her quilt "South Bay" (above). It depicts the southern part of San Francisco Bay in remarkable detail, including the salt ponds that stand out so jarringly against the landscape.

With the quilt, Gass's hope is to educate people about the need for restoring wetlands. It's a compelling yet gentle way to do so.

Gass, a Stanford graduate who was in software development before making the move to a fiber artist's life 11 years ago, has a personal record this summer. Her work is being shown in four exhibits miles apart: in France, Washington, North Carolina and Santa Monica.

Apropos for an artist who shows such curiosity about the world.

Pictured: "South Bay," a quilt by Linda Gass. Photo by James Dewrance.