//Ad libs: My favorite fountain

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My favorite fountain

I've always liked this little water fountain, but I worry about it, the way you fuss over a skinny kitten, or wonder whether your tomato plant is getting enough water.

It has a brave, geometric flair under the overgrown ferns, but you have to stop walking along Gilman Street in downtown Palo Alto long enough to get a good look. The water fountain doesn't work any more, and its silver basin is filled with leaves and rocks. I bet the bowl on the bottom left was once for dogs (and perhaps skinny kittens), but it's also full.

Today I wiped the dirt off the small plaque on top and read "Altoan Press Fountain, April 1973." The plaque also says that the sculptor was Adrienne Duncan, the designer was Marlene Lawrence, and the artisan was Tony Ramirez.

Does anyone know the story behind my favorite fountain?