//Ad libs: The small world of theater

Thursday, August 24, 2006

The small world of theater

A blast from my theatrical past has arrived in a yellow envelope: a program from a 1985 production of "Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp" at the Palo Alto Children's Theatre.

Thanks to Michael Litfin, assistant director at the theater, for reminding me of my star turn as Zada, one of a crowd of 15 citizens/vendors. (I believe I had nine lines.)

Beautiful theater, delightful people, and a way to build self-confidence and poise, as theater is for so many kids. The harem pants were fun, too.

I wore glasses at the time -- not exactly period -- so I had to go on stage in my nearsighted glory. This turned out to be a boon; if you can't see the audience, it's harder to get stage fright.

Looking at the program, I realized that one of the names in the cast was familiar. It turned out to be a woman who now works with my significant other. We had no idea we'd been in a show together.

Anyone else have good memories to share from children's theater?