//Ad libs: A taste for turo

Monday, August 14, 2006

A taste for turo

Gratulalok to the Peninsula Women's Chorus -- the singers took third prize in their category in July's choral competition in Hungary.

(The first word means "congratulations" in Hungarian, courtesy of a writer showing off her Magyar skills. That writer would be me.)

Competing in the women's choirs category of the Bela Bartok 22nd International Choir Competition in Debrecen, the PWC singers took on some very complex music (see my Weekly story).

They came in just behind the two choirs from the Czech Republic and Hungary that tied for second place. The competition was judged on point requirements; no one scored enough for first place.

As part of the trip, the PWC singers also performed in Budapest, Prague and Bratislava. Many also developed a taste for turo, a Hungarian sweet cheese, which is sort of like cheesecake to us Yanks.

And I'm happy to see they brought along some quality reading material (click on the picture for a closer look).

Pictured: The chorus at the Fisherman's Bastion in Budapest. Photo courtesy of Kyoko Oishi.