//Ad libs: Roaming the reception

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Roaming the reception

The Pacific Art League was hopping last Friday during a reception for a number of exhibits. There were some nice slices of life among the chatting and glass-clinking:

  • Why does that man across the room look so familiar? He's in the painting "Feierabend (End of Day)" on the wall. The artist, his wife Masha Lobastov, beams at him. On the canvas, he's distinguished with a charcoal sweater, a volume of Chekhov. Masha jokes, "Because it takes so long for all the details, the models have to suffer."
  • Young doctor Mike Wang, whose painting "Care Free" hangs nearby, talks with venerable photographer Fan Ho. Ho's pics of Hong Kong in the 1950s and '60s will soon have another exhibit. The two have hit it off like a house on fire, and it seems like decades of wisdom are being passed down.
  • Leah Lubin, a new art teacher at the League, tells me about her class on photo collage. I can barely draw a straight line. I think I might like this art.
  • Aldo Lira is another new teacher, from New York. He hands me a postcard, and I'm intrigued by his painting style. Sort of Old Masters meets fantasy, classically winsome women juxtaposed with odd glowing lights in the sky.

Pictured: Aldo Lira's 2004 oil on linen "Interstices II With Citation From Raphael"