//Ad libs: The disappearing reviewer

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The disappearing reviewer

Those of you who enjoy reading the wisdom and witticisms of Weekly theater reviewer Kevin Kirby, fear not. Even though he hasn't written for the paper for a spell, he should be back shortly.

Our busy writer's time has been consumed by his own theater projects. He was recently in "Angels in America" at the
City Lights Theater Company of San Jose. Now he's directing "Forever Plaid" for the Sunnyvale Community Players. This show, which opens this weekend, centers on four young male singers from the 1950s who perform with harmony and plenty of patter.

Sunnyvale is a wee bit outside the Palo Alto area, so the Weekly won't be reviewing the show. But you're welcome to be a theater reviewer yourself by leaving a comment on my blog...
Pictured: Kevin Kirby during a rehearsal for "Forever Plaid." Photo by Ron Evans.