//Ad libs: At least it wasn't an Oldsmobile

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

At least it wasn't an Oldsmobile

So I saw the new Bond movie last night. Loved it, loved it. Ridiculous amounts of fun.

The best part about Daniel Craig as the illustrious spy is that he doesn't strut around like an illustrious spy. You don't get the feeling (as with some other Jameses) that he's always preening for the camera: "Notice how my eyebrows stay natty even when I'm strangling a bad guy? And, oh, my chiseled ear lobes."

Naw. This guy's a raw, real, character who still wears a tux with aplomb. And, icing on the gateau, the man can act. The script handed him a few sappy lines, but Mr. Craig delivered them flawlessly, without making anyone in the movie theater titter.

There were, however, noticeable snorts at the first dramatic shot of Bond driving his new wheels. The camera swooped in for the gratuitous product placement, and then -- wait for it -- we saw the stodgy blue Ford logo.

Oh, people. That was the sexiest car you could find?