//Ad libs: Roamin' recorders

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Roamin' recorders

Is it me, or was it impossible to make any meaningful music on those plastic recorders we got as kids? All I could ever produce was a weak tootle-oot like some demented animal mating call. I'm lucky I wasn't attacked by tree frogs.

Recorders should be left to folks like the Mid-Peninsula Recorder Orchestra (look up). A press release about their concert this Saturday afternoon inspired me to skulk around the web listening to various musicians. Although I am still bruised from my childhood experiences, I will admit that the recorder can sound groovy.

Mexican musician Horacio Franco can make his recorder sound like a flitty little bird (listen to the top clip). A bird, we hope, that takes out tree frogs in a single bound.

Listening to Eva and Enrico Rosa, I'm not sure if I should be watching the waves from a fishing ship or doing the Half Lord of the Fishes Pose.

OK, this one wins the prize. Check out the Bremen Recorder Touring Company doing jazz's "Take Five." If anyone ever plays "Take Five" in outer space, it will sound like this. I love it.

Photo courtesy of Mid-Peninsula Recorder Orchestra's website.