//Ad libs: She blinded me with science

Monday, November 13, 2006

She blinded me with science

I like an exhibit where you can sit on a beanbag. Someone should tell the Louvre.

Gail Wight's show at the Thomas Welton Stanford Art Gallery has two beanbags in front of a projection screen. Also, a huge microscope you can adjust, oversized butterflies under pins, and video of a live mouse nosing around a robotic one.

Wight is a professor of electronic media art at Stanford, and here she jabs an elbow in the ribs of scientific exploration. She says we should look beyond the narrow focus of the laboratory to connect science to our human world. Humor is a good tool for that: how can you not feel connected with a microscope the size of a Buick?

It's a curious exhibit. I'm not sure I got it all, and the butterflies sort of gave me the creeps, but I was inspired to sit, stare and play for a while.

Share it all, my friends, in a video I shot. In the beginning, a museum visitor explores an interactive screen with pictures of animals that look like antique prints. I think he's playing our song.