//Ad libs: Here's where they are now

Friday, January 05, 2007

Here's where they are now

For this Friday's Weekly, I had a lot of fun revisiting some of my favorite arts stories from 2006 and seeing what the artists are up to now. After all, a newspaper story is only a snapshot in time. Readers (and editors) want to know what happens next: Did the guy building the pipe organ ever get it to play? Is the quilter still quilting?

(Suddenly I feel like I'm teaching ESL again: "I quilt, I quilted, I have quilted." Hey! The present perfect is fun!)

Anyway. Here's the link to the "update" story. And magically in this sentence you shall find links to the original stories about organ-builder Andrew Nelsen, ballroom-dance teacher Julia Minson, quilter Linda Gass (she's really more like a painter of silk), and orchestra conductor Kim Venaas.

Pictured: Andrew Nelsen with his pipe organ at the Palo Alto Adult School. Photo by Nicholas Jensen (originally published in the Weekly's print edition).