//Ad libs: Photography pioneer

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Photography pioneer

Do you have a picture you keep on your desk just because it makes you grin like an idiot? Here's my latest one. There may be other things in the world that are cuter, but I haven't found them yet.

The best part is that even though this photo was snapped in 1943, I know the man: Leo Holub founded Stanford's photography department and was the subject of my Weekly cover story last Oct. 20.

Sweetest person I have ever interviewed. Hands-down. Now he has a show of some 200 black-and-whites in San Francisco. I love this grouping of themes: Cityscapes, Heads, Signs and Dogs, Protests and Counterculture. How about protests and dogs? Shouldn't dogs be allowed to protest?

The exhibit brochure also includes a zippy quote from one of Leo's fans:

"You have an astonishing EYE! You out-Cart Cartier-Bresson, and out-Bress Bresson." -Ansel Adams

And when the brochure came across my desk, I recognized Leo right away. He may be 90 years old now, but he has the same gentle blue eyes.

Pictured: Leo Holub's "Self Portrait, First Son and First Camera, 1943" (Leo's name is on the photo because it's on the cover of the Himmelberger Gallery exhibit brochure.)