//Ad libs: An impossible island

Friday, May 11, 2007

An impossible island

Ooh, I just realized that in my Weekly story today on children's illustrator Kristin Abbott I left out the address of her Web site. You must check out her work at www.abbottillustration.com. Think of it as an escape from the tangled day you're having -- you can't help but beam like a kid at some of these.

It's also worth checking out the watercolor hues Kristin uses. In the newspaper world, we don't always get color on the pages we want, and disappointingly her story wound up in black and white in today's Weekly. Them's the breaks. Jump over to her site this minute.

The print above, "The Island Home," is one of the ones I can't stop gazing at. Kristin drew it in an "advanced perspective" art class.

She says her favorite compliments come from children who look at her works and say, "I want to go there." Oddly enough, I suddenly find myself wanting to be gardening atop an impossible island while flying a kite. Talk about an escape.