//Ad libs: Shazam! The show must go on

Friday, May 18, 2007

Shazam! The show must go on

Let us for a moment trip out of this Palo Alto bubble we live in, and take a look at some fabulously inspiring theater folk in San Jose.

Get this: the new musical "Thunderbabe" opens tonight at Theatre on San Pedro Square. But on Tuesday night some yutz broke into a crew truck and stole all the show's sets, which were canvas panels painted like comic-book pages. Kapow!

Fortunately, it sounds like everyone in this superhero show stayed in character, making a superhuman effort to replace everything right quick. (This is when I would have magically turned into SuperWhine.)

Says the show's writer and star, Peninsula actress Bobbi Fagone: "We got on the phone and got a few neighbors and friends together. The scenic designer quickly came up with another idea to replace the panels and literally worked all night to get the design done. ... The next day, volunteers arrived at my garage and the painting began. Meanwhile the tech crew continued to work on implementing the new design using photos off our web site."

Bobbi says about 80 percent of the set was finished yesterday, with the rest expected to come in tonight -- you know, just before curtain.

Excelsior! Y'all are my heroes. Break a leg tonight!

Pictured: Bobbi Fagone, saving the world. Photo courtesy of www.bjfcreative.com.