//Ad libs: Audition ambitions

Monday, July 23, 2007

Audition ambitions

One of the most eye-catching email subject lines to pop up lately: "You Wanna Shoot OR BE A President?"

Could be a new Michael Moore movie. Or a reality TV show (is the final rose a bullet or a ballot?). But actually it's an audition notice for a production of "Assassins," being put on in San Jose by the Actors' Theatre Center (auditions are tonight and tomorrow). The company is including a passel of supporting roles, which means you can play JFK or Honest Abe if John Wilkes Booth or Lee Harvey Oswald aren't your cups of tea. Hey, everybody's got the right.

Closer to home, there are a few other interesting musical-theater auditions coming up. Palo Alto Players is holding auditions for "Little Women" in September and "The Light in the Piazza" in January. It'll be a treat to see "Piazza" on a local stage, and I imagine the ambiance of the Lucie Stern Theatre will lend it a nice intimacy.