//Ad libs: Home is where the art is

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Home is where the art is

Ah, bygone November, the month that I spent most of in Europe. It's crazy sunny in California, and was I really just walking in the snow in Budapest a few weeks ago?

It's never easy to leave Europe. You can try to bring some of it back, but a chausson aux pommes doesn't hold up well on an extended jet ride. On a related note, here's a great little article about building good sandwiches to take on planes. I want to write a similar story for the Weekly, but I need a Palo Alto angle.

Fortunately, there's always something good going on in the arts world to make you feel better. Last night's Chanticleer concert at Stanford's Memorial Church just about made up for not being on the Continent any more. I would fly long distances to hear those boys sing Biebl's "Ave Maria." They were in amazing voice last night, as always. If you closed your eyes, you were soaring, plane or no plane.

Every year, someone from Chanticleer always says how much the singers love MemChu, how they enjoy coming back to the Bay Area after all their traveling and touring during the year and finally feeling at home. Hmmph. Maybe they have a point.

Turo rudi also does not hold up well on planes. But it's nice that Wikipedia runs a photo of it.