//Ad libs: The beat on the street in 'Metropolis'

Thursday, December 04, 2008

The beat on the street in 'Metropolis'

Ever since I wrote a story about the Fritz Lang's classic silent film "Metropolis," I've had that old '80s song by The Church stuck in my head. Does anyone else remember that? "Back in Metropolis, circuses and elephants, where the oranges grew..." It also rhymed "metropolis" with "topple us," and, really, what other options do you have?

Back on topic. I wish I could attend this Saturday's "Metropolis" event at Stanford's Memorial Auditorium. While the film is shown, the Santa Rosa Symphony will play a score to the film written in the '90s by Martin Matalon. All the while, an electronic recording by Matalon will be heard, making life all the more challenging for the orchestra.

The Santa Rosa folk were kind enough to send me the recordings, and the music is delightfully wild. Here are two samples (as .mp3s): Sample 1 Sample 2

Pictured: A film still from "Metropolis" with Brigitte Helm as the Robot. Courtesy Stanford Lively Arts.