//Ad libs: Puah on ice?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Puah on ice?

Our show is back from Louisville, but it's not curtain down yet on "Puah's Midwife Crisis." Director/writer Cheryl Goodman-Morris has been getting queries about producing the musical in other locations, including Michigan. From Portola Valley to the South to the Midwest?

Meanwhile, back in California, several "Puah" cast members are reporting theater anxiety dreams. We didn't have time to worry before; our schedule in Louisville was what Cheryl called "exquisitely challenging." Now we can take a breath, miss each other already, and have the occasional actor's nightmare.

The Pharoah's daughter dreamed she had to make an entrance on a skateboard. Another actor imagined that the Actors Theatre people interrupted one of our performances to set up an ice-skating rink on stage. Still another dreamed about doing the entire show without remembering a single one of his lines.

Hey, if we wait until winter, I bet an ice rink will play really well in Sturgis.

Pictured: Don Gustafson, left, as Pharaoh with Susan Squires Cox and Betsy Burdick as his evil advisors. Photo from www.puahthemusical.org.