//Ad libs: Earthquakes in Kentucky?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Earthquakes in Kentucky?

We're well into tech rehearsals at the Actors Theatre now -- it's great to be in the new space with lights and sound and the musicians who just flew in. Amazing how a drum kicks up every song and the energy of every drooping actor.

One big change is that we've moved from a proscenium stage to a three-quarter thrust. So now we have the audience on three sides. Intimate and elemental; we'll be able to better feel the energy of the crowd, breathe it in. Plus since my character is a flirty, rather clumsy chick who's not too bright, I just may have to stumble dangerously near an audience lap during the pregnant aerobics scene.

(Happy to have a director who lets us break the fourth wall in this show...)

Yesterday the theater's operations manager gave us a safety lecture, which, interestingly, included an earthquake warning. The other big announcement is that we are nearly sold out.

Apparently when one is telling an obscure story about acts of civil disobedience in the Bible, it pays to have a huge church convention nearby.

Pictured: Rehearsal in the Actors Theatre. Photo by Rebecca Wallace.